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2019 Modset Suggestions

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  • 2019 Modset Suggestions

    Its that time again, please put down all the mods you would like to see in the TFD 2019 modset.

    Be advised that we will not be increasing the size of the modset, in fact, we will be culling the current set down. Hopefully, the 2019 modset will be considerably smaller than its 2018 counterpart.

    As always the final set will be dictated by the admins.

    TFD Admin Team.
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    I know that Zeus missions are not currently popular among some of the TFD playerbase, but I'd like to add a mod to expand Zeus capabilities to enable more of these scenarios in the future:


    My reasoning for suggesting this is the ability for a player acting as Zeus to keep the action going but also enable proper Zeus scenarios which is something I'd like to do more of.

    Also, are we above looking at a special modset for Star Wars Opposing Force missions in the future?
    TFD Wrenchy


    • BiT
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      Regarding the Star Wars mods. I am planning a mission for May 4th which is probably going to need a couple of special asset packs as some of the default SW:OP static objects have rather large holes in the floor that look solid. Deciding on a modset would certainly help with regard to that mission.

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    FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)

    F-15 Eagle



    all combined only 1gb

    drop the 14 and 16 and its only 500mb

    heard people in the community talk about more fixed-wing elements in missions, AWS adds a lot of new and different types of weapons that can fit on pylons, like 2000lbs pave ways, anti-runway bombs, parachute flares and all sorts of rockets and missiles


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    Rosche, Germany. Its basically Celle but in my opinion better and its also a nice change from the constant desert maps that get added to the modset. Also inspired by a wargame map.

    Super-Prop CAS aircraft, enough said really. easy to balance and also comes in a two seater variant. (forgot to link the fix pack)

    Faces of War, for some variety for our WW2 missions.

    For Removal I'd probably say FFAA, we haven't really used and the only part of it that was used is the map lythium that only requires the JBAD addon.
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    • SHIFTY
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      that map is on my top 5 too.

    • Yves
      Yves commented
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      after a quick test of the Tucano turboprop, it is a buggy mess and not done, its can't take off properly and has invisible misplaced weapons on the pylons

    • walshy
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      Forgot to link the fix pack, my bad

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    very supportive of the considerably smaller modset

    alternatively mission makers compile a list of mods from the (or 'A') modset which are used in their mission(the same way you make the modset HTML files) and host that in the mission briefing on TFD home.


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      Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	90.0 KB ID:	6207
      Its about time RH pistol pack is added, we have been silenced too long.
      "They hated Phizicalz because he shitposted the truth"


      • Atreus
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        christ sake I thought finally you'd be over this? How and why do you still have a screenshot from 2016 of that?

      • Phizicalz
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        Atreus Thing is this one guy nukes the forums twice a year so I save the best posts

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      OPTRE is a 100% need, loads of good shit and modules that work 99% of the time.

      "They hated Phizicalz because he shitposted the truth"


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        both suggestions together = 1,076.574mb

        Hellenic Armed Forces Pack, 831.053 MB

        I am suggesting this as an alternative to the FIR AWS jets mod, apart from other parts of the mod I will schill for, HAFM mod comes with very high-quality jets, arguably similar quality as the FIRAWS, more jets of different types, for less memory and less individual mods, 1 mod over 4

        the aircraft include the Corsair II, which is in the unsung mod but it terrible quality, this one is much better, the added benefit of having a cold war jet that we can use without having to load unsung, phantom 2, also in unsung but terrible quality this also allows us to use it without unsung, F16C & F16D BLOCK 2 both very high quality and allows us both multi-roll/air and ground attack with the block 2 having working two seats for weps ofc, F35B which will replace the F35B in CUP should CUP be removed and finally Mirage 2000C and interceptor and multi-role, very high quality.

        other bonuses of adding HAFM is the ground vic and helis. if we remove cup we will lose some good cold war assets, like M60A3 Patton tank for example. HAFM adds leopard 1A4s, 1A5s and 1A6HEL, giving us early mid and late cold war tanks to use.

        the cons to the mod are the infantry related units and weapons are limited and not very good compared to the high-quality vehicles, that's why I suggest we add it for the vehicles, if we want greek soldiers we can easily make them or use AAF.

        with the possibility of cup being removed, I would suggest we also add the HAFM navy packs to replace the only working ship we have, the ANZAC class in CUP,

        HAFM Navy Core, 23.448 MB
        HAFM Navy, 174.466 MB
        HAFM Submarines, 41.607 MB

        all together = 241.521MB

        the HAFM mod adds 8 unique ships, for blu opfor and green of extremely high quality, from small attack boats to frigates, cruisers, destroyers, patrol and supply ships.

        the Sub mod adds nuclear and non-nuclear subs like the American Virginia class and Russian yansen and other diesel-electric class subs, all capable of torpedo combat and VLS missions, I must add the VLS is a much higher quality than the new vanilla VLS system, working sonar, all the things you would expect from subs

        of both these naval pack, i would argue, and it might not be fair since RHS doesn't have ships but, the two naval mods are of RHS quality standard, and the ground forces mod pack is of somewhere between the Spanish mod on some ground vics and RHS for the jets.

        i know i as a mission maker would like to do more naval and air centered missions and focus on new things we haven't really done before and I feel these mods would be a fair bargain for how small they are and how high quality


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          to cover Phizicalz ineptness to link actual mods.

          Halo mod thats adds nearly everything from the Halo series in terms of UNSC weaponry and vehicles, and we get ayylmoas as well now with the first contact mod that adds sanghelli (elites) and some plasma weaponry.

          the standard all of the weapons are of good quality and have the Halo sound files, some vis are WIP but are in the usable stage.

          while a niche mod it allows us to move towards the far future in terms of mission making and missions.
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            Enhanced Movement. More capabilities for finding shooting positions. Any and all of the enhanced mods really.


            • Phizicalz
              Phizicalz commented
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              It makes missions with defenses and specific regions that we are not meant to get into accessible. Mission makers would have to remake a lot of their older missions to incorporate this modset change.

            • November Charlie
              November Charlie commented
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              True, although the benefits of including EMovement, rappelling etc IMO outweigh the irritation of the restructuring of maps. Simpler additions of things like Achilles, JSRS and Blastcore would also world like a charm.

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            • InfamousNova
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              JSRS and Blastcore go great together

            • November Charlie
              November Charlie commented
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              I'd wholly support JSRS and Blastcore. Makes everything prettier.

            • Atreus
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              Worth considering again due to the dedi upgrade we know it has the power now, just got to remember other peoples limitations however.

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            Only thing you need.jpg


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              A group of good sci fi maps for use with optre or for any scifi missions

              Pandora 588.663 MB - does not need optre to run

              a massive map with several biomes in it, jungle, forest, beaches, islands, floating islands, desert, based off of Pandora from Avatar the movie


              Gao 244.997 MB

              lush jungle map based off of Gao the HQ of the insurrection in Halo, has cities, towns and a spaceport


              Eladeen 7mb

              large orange desert map with lots of odd rock formations, bases and structures including ones built into mountians. presumably based off the Mass Effect planet with the same name and scheme.


              Madrigal Terrain 334.183 MB

              a colony area from Halo, large central city with small islands outstretched from the middle with well-crafted towns and bases, basically space Barcelona


              AORAKI3 268.326 MB - does not need optre to run

              large snowy mountain map. could be great as a mountain warfare map, no structures but mission makers have all the tools they need to build what they want on it


              Sci-Fi Themed Map Pack 163.508 MB

              contains four maps

              a medium to small size volcanic world, has structures insides rock formations and underground.

              an island colony based off Halo, large open island with a city and towns

              a small jungle map with spaces for MMs to build on

              and a medium sized frozen world, sparse, no building only small forests in the ice


              1.6gs all up

              these are all pretty decent maps, some of them are directly optre related some are not and are designed for the mission maker to build on them

              most of them require optre to work as they use optre assets
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                Namalsk has been uploaded on the steam workshop by an official creator and is not likely to be removed
                2,570.307 MB



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                  Bundeswehr Mod for some German sausage in our missions.


                  File Size: 1.94 GB

                  Looked at this mod last time I'm pretty sure, can't remember why we said no. Might be because we added CUP which had most of the stuff. Worth another look.

                  Alright, played around with the mod and IMO its pretty bad, doesnt add heaps you get the Tiger (which we have in FFAA) and a Leopard (vanilla is way better) and some armoured cars which are ok. Weapons are meh and scopes had bugs.
                  First rule of a gun fight - bring guns;
                  Second rule of a gun fight - bring friends with guns.