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  • Stellaris PvP Campaign

    So I've been chatting to some of the lads and have floated the idea of a 'relatively' quick Stellaris human-only campaign.

    The general idea is to cram as many people as possible into a short game of Stellaris.
    Here's a list of the general ideas behind the concept:

    Humans only - no AI empires at all except perhaps Fallen Empires to shake things up with a War in Heaven
    Primitives on
    Tiny or Small galaxy to get the action happening rather quickly
    Played at either Fast or Fastest, no slower.

    The idea is to try and get through a game within a few hours. Those left standing could decide to carry on the campaign at a later point or the winner could be decided by general consensus of those remaining. Stellaris doesn't have any sort of points system as far as I know. Participants would be expected to play with some shred of dignity and minimum meta-gaming.

    Those amongst us who might be 'expert' Stellaris players could contemplate attempting a race/style they've not played before instead of just dominating: 'cos no one likes a braggart.

    Looking for further suggestions or comments on whether or not people believe this to be feasible or even enjoyable.

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    I'm normally pretty terrible compared to most but I'm keen haha.
    Would be good to try and actually play as your chosen race/government type so you don't have slaving despots allying themselves with peace loving egalitarians.


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      id be down to do this on a friday or saturday night


      • Imperator
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        Are you concerned about the amount of time it would take to finish a game?
        Ideally with the above settings the point is try and finish within a few hours.

      • InfamousNova
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        i have uni the whole week every week until December so i cant really do it on anything other than a friday/saturday. im also NZ time so im 2 hours ahead