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2019 Dingo Endurance Championship

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  • 2019 Dingo Endurance Championship

    Championship Table:


    Series will be run on an open, public server to allow non-members to race.

    KissMyRank (KMR) will be used with a performance limit of 200% of fastest lap time (those slower than this will be kicked for 90 seconds - this kick period will be under trial until we get a better idea on how this will all work out). Other KissMyRank penalties/allowances apply as per Post#3 below.

    Ping Kicker Enabled to warn then kick players above 350 Ping (KMR has it's own ping monitor and will be trialed for Round 1 - if it's good enough we will utilise it throughout the series, otherwise we will revert to PingKicker).

    Championship points (and associated ballast) will only apply to those who actively mention their attendance here on our forums and join us on TS. Straight up public players are simply there to buff up the field and if they choose to carry on racing with us then they are welcome to sign up to the forums and note their interest in running in the series proper. Points and ballast will be given based on their latest race result before signing up (if no evidence of result is found then they will have no ballast and points). Return/recognisable Public Players may be honorary championship members and receive BoP as per normal.

    Points for this championship will go towards it's own Dingo Endurance Cup award.


    Member drivers can choose to note their particular choice out of the available cars in this thread so that the server car list can be adjusted to help ensure there will be more slots of that car available to choose (to help ensure it will be available in case of being late etc). Members will regardless get preference over public drivers and if no slots remain in their preferred car a public driver will be kicked in their favour.

    It is recommended for people to submit custom paints atleast a week before the championship commences to give us time to distribute these and set them up on the server.

    Car List:

    Class 1 - Dingo Prototypes

    Audi R10
    Toyota TS040

    Class 2 - GT Endurance

    Chevrolet Corvette GTE
    Porsche 911 RSR GTE

    BMW M3 GT2
    Ferrari 458 GT2

    NOTE TO DRIVERS: LMP cars have MGU-K settings that will require a button to set during the race.

    Drivers are encouraged to form teams of 2 (or 3) drivers for a Teams Championship.

    Team Points will be the sum of each driver's points earned.

    Drivers have been separated out into Professional (Pro Class) and Amateur (Am Class) ratings for 2 concurrent teams championships to be run.

    To receive the Pro Class rating; you will have done the following:
    1. Finish in the Top 6 of any previous PubCup Championship
    2. Win a race in any PubCup Championship Race
    3. Score Pole Position in any PubCup Championship Event

    The Pro Class Team Championship is fought between any team with a Pro Class rated driver.
    The Am Class Team Championship is for fully Amateur Rated drivers only (no Pro Class Drivers allowed).

    In the event that there are not enough Am drivers; each Pro team can take a 3rd Am driver and run a 3 man team. This team will still compete for the Pro Championship.

    Championship points will be based on MSNZ's Touring Car points system:
    1 75 2 67
    3 60 4 54
    5 49 6 45
    7 42 8 39
    9 36 10 33
    11 30 12 28
    13 26 14 24
    15 22 16 20
    17 18 18 14
    19 12 20 10
    21 9 22 8
    23 7 24 6
    25 5 26 4
    With 1 point given to Pole Position winner during qualifying.

    Points will be awarded on overall position in the race regardless of eligibility for points - so you will have to try and overtake non-member public drivers for additional points. Dual race events/rounds will have points awarded to both races (so potentially 151 points total in one event).

    Will be discussing Drop Round Points if they will be implemented for this season.

    Success ballast/restrictor will be allocated based on championship points.

    All ballast and restrictor values are decided on the discretion of the Championship organisers (ie: Me and UncleTim). In the event of a disconnect between sessions and the appropriate ballast or restrictor is unable to be set in time for the start of a race, the ballast and restrictor value will remain and no adjustments or protests are allowed after the race. Those seen gaming this system will be punished in a manner deemed suitable by organisers.

    Ballast assignment is done automatically via the Points Table- Maximum Ballast Assignment = 200kg
    Restrictor assignment is done automatically via the Points Table - Maximum Restrictor Assignment = 100%


    30 Minute Practice Session
    10 Minute Qualifying Session
    Time Limit + 1 Lap
    Tyre Burn Rate: 350%
    Fuel Burn Rate: 150%


    Any public driver who causes a significant and avoidable incident will be immediately removed from the server. An apology via chat helps but is not a guarantee of staying.

    Any championship driver who does an action (be it incidental or intentional) that is deemed beyond the spirit of the championship will be given penalties based off the severity of the incident. This includes but is not limited to: Points Removal, Ballast or Restrictor Addition or Removal from the Championship.

    The ruling for penalties and what actions are in breach of the spirit of the championship are final and at the full discretion of the organisers.


    First Infraction (0 Penalty Points Previously):

    Minor Incident +10kg
    Incident +25kg +1 Penalty Point
    Major Incident +50kg +2 Penalty Points

    Second Infraction (1 Penalty Point Previously):

    Minor Incident +20kg
    Incident +50kg +1 Penalty Point
    Major Incident +100kg +2 Penalty Points

    Subsequent Infractions (3 or More Penalty Points):

    3 Penalty Points Previous: +100kg +1 Penalty Point
    4 Penalty Points Previous: +100kg + 25% Restrictor +1 Penalty Point
    5 Penalty Points Previous: +100kg + 50% Restrictor +1 Penalty Point
    6 Penalty Points Previous: +100kg + 75% Restrictor +1 Penalty Point
    7 or more: +100kg +100% Restrictor +1 Penalty Point + Review of your championship eligibility

    Penalty Ballast and Restrictor Allocation last 1 Round
    Penalty Points are reset at end of championship


    Round 1 - 70 Minutes of Daytona - 01.02.2019
    Round 2 - 35 Minutes of Sebring - ~March 13 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 3 - 25 MInutes of Spa Franchorchamps - ~May 2nd (Unconfirmed)
    Round 4 - 70 Minutes of Le Mans - ~June 15th (Unconfirmed)
    Round 5 - 25 Minutes of Watkins Glen - ~June 30 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 6 - 25 Minutes of MosPort - ~July 05 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 7 - 25 Minutes of Road America - ~August 02 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 8 - 25 Minutes of VIR - ~August 23 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 9 - 25 Minutes of Silverstone - ~September 01 (Unconfirmed)
    Round 10 - 25 Minutes of Laguna Seca - ~September 13 (Unconfirmed)
    Roundn 11 (Final) - Petit Le Mans - 29 Minutes of Road Atlanta - ~October 09 (Unconfirmed)

    Dates may change as availability for dates is known closer to event.

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    Championship points table created. Due to the size of the points table and the sheer number of calculations being done on my poorly written assignment code ballast is done on a separate google doc so it doesn't have a fit trying to do ballast assignment. I'll just be copy pasting values on the main championship table so no live updates for ballast.