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Mission Maker Meeting - Minutes 17.11.18

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  • Mission Maker Meeting - Minutes 17.11.18

    Apologies the minutes were not posted earlier. For those that missed it or are just sticky beaks.

    1. Thanks
    2. Modset 2019
    3. Open floor


    Thank you all for making missions this year, we appreciate all that you have done to enhance this community - your community. Without you guys there would not be a community.

    We hope that you will all continue to make missions into the future.

    Modset 2019

    As for the future for the TFD modset, we most certainly do NOT want it any larger than the current set. In fact, we would like to see the size reduce considerably.

    I would be suggesting the removal of CUP [Vehicles, Weapons, Units] and, if any additions are made, add good quality maps.

    Keep the maps of a decent size and quality, eg.

    Both maps which I would like to see in the modset

    No decisions on the modset will be made today, but we want you to start thinking about what mods you want, a thread will be created for the community to suggest. Please, as the ones who will be using these mods, check out any suggestions on the thread and start forming a list of your own. We will reconvene in January sometime to discuss. Final decision to be made by the admins.

    Open floor:


    JSRS discussed. Tests will be done and will be reviewed at the modset decision meeting.

    Mission Presets

    An idea for having a mod preset for every mission to lower the number of mods being loaded. The main concern is current load times with large modset.

    People already have enough trouble with the current mod loading system. Plus with a hopefully smaller modset in the future, this will become less of an issue. Will revisit after the modset decision for 2019.

    File browser

    Mission making browser needs to be tidied. Please advise if any of the files in there are still required.


    Framework: Add commenting to help with mission making.

    Nontraditional missions

    Off night missions are welcome, just let an admin know if you need the server.

    Star Wars missions for May the 4th
    First rule of a gun fight - bring guns;
    Second rule of a gun fight - bring friends with guns.