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Up-to-date Mission Framework/Mission File

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  • Up-to-date Mission Framework/Mission File

    As some of you know already, I'm interested in making some missions for TFD. At the moment however, I've hit a bit of a block in that most of the mission files I've found in the Mission Making file browser are fairly old (uploaded mid-late 2017) as well as the framework ZIP file.

    I was wondering if I was able to get hold of one of the more recent mission files and/or an up to date mission framework to have a look through as I'm not sure how much of the stuff from the older missions/framework applies now.

    If anyone is willing to provide their missions/frameworks/scripts, etc, it would be much appreciated.
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    Hey Timidshade, For the latest frame work Please head to this
    That should hopefully be accurate and easier to use. The TS file browser is mainly used for sending test mission files and i believe most of the MM use a Dropbox of some description. (I'm not sure myself because i still haven't finished a mission yet) Feel free to ask any of the Admins or Mission Makers for help they're super awesome. Cheers! and i look forward to see what you come up with


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      Thanks for that, I did vaguely remember a couple people mentioning github but I couldn't find the link for it.


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        Hit me up up if you need a walkthrough


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          As per Nerf's link the GitHub is our repository for mission makers to get the latest versions of the framework.