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    Hello All

    Names, Anthony but ill accept anything along the lines. New year and I wanted to get into a community but never really knew which one. Bit of a nerd at Arma with 2000+ hours sunk into it doing pretty much everything. But always wanted to be apart of a group like this. Wanted a team of friends that I could have a laugh with and have serious fun. I'm a bit of a comical fella and usually the first to crack a joke but can be very serious when the situation arises.

    Looking forward to my first game with this new community and to a very fun and exciting filled year!

    Cheers all!

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    Welcome mate! I think you'll fit right in here at TFD.

    We're currently in our holiday period so no officially scheduled missions but there will be the odd mission test, Bulwark night or other games being played so feel free to hop on to the TS and say hello.

    The guys can also help you out with getting the mods sorted and installed correctly to talk with the other external systems we use (mostly the Radio mod)


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      Welcome aboard mate!


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        Welcome to TFD. As Skillet said, we are on holidays atm but keep an eye on the calendar and if you haven't already make sure you join the steam group.

        Also it would be a good idea to add one or more of us admins on steam.
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          Welcome traveller, there are those of us that sit in teamspeak all day and sling shit because we have nothing better to do with our free time, feel free to join us. Click image for larger version

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