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  • Hello! I'm Zoo

    Hey guys, I'm Zoo.
    I've been around the Arma 3 scene since the beginning of time, or at least since the launch of the game. I've made appearances in the Altis Life, Wasteland and most recently milsim scene until I took a break to finish up my schooling. I'm eager to jump into missions with you all and meet some new people to have some great Arma 3 experiences with.

    In terms of other games I play I play just about anything you can think of ranging from Escape From Tarkov to League of Legends, however I do enjoy a nice paradox game, whether it be Stellaris, EU4 or HOI4.

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    Welcome mate; you'll fit right in here. Most of our guys came up from I&A, Wasteland and some older game modes and you'll find a healthy gathering of Paradox game players.

    You can find the details on the modset here:

    Or on teamspeak. Just ask one of the guys to point you in the direction of the modset.

    Aside from that, all we ask is a team attitude and a bit of maturity.

    Welcome to TFD.


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      Welcome aboard Zoo. Like Skillet said there's plenty of Paradox lovers here.


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        Welcome mate, the Paradox love here is real!
        First rule of a gun fight - bring guns;
        Second rule of a gun fight - bring friends with guns.


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          Welcome mate! As said above we a large number of us do love paradox games.
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