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  • Specialised Roles - Training interest

    Just a post to see what people are interested learning in or dusting up their skills in.

    In addition to the poll let me know how you would prefer to learn: in a 'mentor' fashion where you play alongside another player in an actual mission learning a role or through dedicated training MTCs?
    AT - Ranging and Targeting
    Mortar - Artillery Roles
    Long Range radio communication
    Squad Cohesion - Security and communication
    Team Leading
    Platoon Management

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    there needs to be an MTC for the use of AT, people don't know how to use Russian AT launchers especially the RPG-17s optics and the various warheads for it.

    Also, think that Vehicle command and usage needs to be an MTC.


    • Phizicalz
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      Even with the Tandems for the RPG-7, no one knows how to use those either.

    • FireJesus
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      Willing to support a vehicle command MTC, also willing to cover whatever experience i have with mechanised warfare, eg. explaining the "battle run", tactics, methods and combined arms movements in support of the mech battle group.

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    I've done a couple of flying MTC's with Urban now and would love to expand my knowledge, I would like the MTCs to be more focused on situations and explanations. This are some things i would like to improve on it might help get and idea on what to include. Just putting it out there!
    - How TFD coordinates Mortar / Fire Support (what language etc) I've only picked up so much in mission.
    - Tips on flying, I can fly, I can take off and land. But what kind of flying is expected when flying (Transport, Fast Attack, Scout etc etc) I know how to fly but i'm never sure how i should
    - LR Radios and Radios in general. I get so confused how to set up a Alternate
    - Procedure when coming under mortar fire? Hit the deck? Run for cover? Stand in the open because its clearly not going to hit you?
    - AT as walshy says i would love to learn. Who doesn't love blowing stuff up, but ACE sometimes changes parameters and controls so i get confused. Would love to get some guidance in that regard.

    Happy to help run MTC and also willing to learn along the way! Much Love <3


    • Flybuy
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      If you want tips on flying different types of helicopter I recommend you check out Dslyecxi's 'Art of flight' videos. He's got tips on night flight, formation flying, co-pilot roles, who's boss in a helo, transportation, target fixation and defence.

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    Awesome points Nerf. Can probably run some of those simultaneously; mostly radio and mortar stuff since they're pretty closely linked.


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      For those who voted for Squad Lead and Cohesion, would you be happy if it was touched on in a platoon one? And are you requesting it because you want to try the Squad Lead Role?
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        Atreus - Yes happy if Squad Lead Cohesion and Platoon related training were folded into one. And - no not looking for leadership per se - but think it's important to re-enforce how leadership and cohesion works. In particular I think it might be helpful to go through some training on what to do (or not do!) when leadership is (inevitably at some point) incapacitated or otherwise combat ineffective - who steps up? when? what are some of the first things they should do? etc etc
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          If anyone wants help with Helo's, flick me a message and I can run you through some of the MTC's I setup a while ago. Otherwise I can try and fit in time to re-run the MTC's providing there is enough interest.