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TFD Regular Radio Procedure

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  • TFD Regular Radio Procedure

    So you see in our briefings "TFD Regular Radio Procedure" often but since the forums got nuked multiple times, here it is again so people can learn it again (This will be edited as I get making nicer diagrams and stuff)

    Long Range Radio Setup:
    Infantry: Ch 1 FQ50
    Tanks/Support/Air: Ch2 FQ51
    Other elements: Ch 3 FQ52

    Short Range Setup (Basic infantry only - Other elements [or element names] will be mission dependent):
    Alpha - Ch 1 FQ311
    Bravo - Ch 2 FQ312
    Charlie - Ch 3 FQ313
    Delta - Ch 4 FQ314
    Echo - Ch 5 FQ315
    Foxtrot - Ch6 FQ316
    Golf - Ch7 FQ317
    Command - Ch8 318

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    I quickly added an extra section to the briefing.sqf in my framework if mission editors are interested having this radio information included in their briefing.
    Just copy paste the below into the top section of the .sqf file.

    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",
    "Long Range Radio Setup:<br/>
    Infantry: Ch 1 FQ50<br/>
    Tanks/Support/Air: Ch2 FQ51<br/>
    Other elements: Ch 3 FQ52<br/><br/>
    Short Range Setup (Basic infantry only - Other elements [or element names] will be mission dependent):<br/>
    Ch 1 FQ311<br/>
    Ch 2 FQ312<br/>
    Ch 3 FQ313<br/>
    Ch 4 FQ314<br/>
    Ch 5 FQ315<br/>
    Ch6 FQ316<br/>
    Ch7 FQ317<br/>
    Command - Ch8 318 "]];


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      I would love to see us move LR Ch1 to Freq 51 for consistency (Ch2 Freq 52 etc). That way when we make something big the Coy can have Freq 50. But then again I use SR for all of my missions as a platoon dosen't need a LR unless they are contacting another platoon. Pedantic or worthwhile?
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      • Imperator
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        While it makes sense logically, it's also been engraved in our group for 4 years that 50 is the default LR channel.

      • SkilletKid
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        As Imp said. We normally switch it to CoyNet when the situation arises anyway. These are just the basic/default guidelines.