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CO-45 Snake Charmer - First Mission for 2019

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  • CO-45 Snake Charmer - First Mission for 2019

    2018 Standard Modset

    Map: Lythium

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ZsE3fEd.jpg Views:	1 Size:	18.2 KB ID:	5476

    With how modset votes are going this may be the last time we get another shot at finishing this mission so join in and let's see who can survive.


    Operation Anaconda : Phase 1B : Blocking Force : Snake Charmer

    As part of the wider Operation Anaconda that will be looking to disrupt and if possible destroy the Taliban presence in our Theatre of Operations, the 101st Airborne is tasked with acting as a blocking force within the Amir Mountain Range under the operational callsign "Snake Charmer."

    2nd Platoon, B-Company, 101st Abne, with the help of Crusader Team from SFOD-D is tasked with securing a key location within Superior Valley on the north side of the mountain range. They are to begin the construction of a FOB at two farms spotted earlier by the SFOD-D Operators.

    2Plt. B.Coy is expected to complete the preliminary build phase of the FOB in time with the Phase 1A attack of Mafaraz to the northern entrance to the valley conducted by other NATO Forces.


    Taliban forces are known to utilise Eastern Bloc weaponry. Most wear the local dress code however earlier intelligence suggests foreign fighters within the Taliban are utilising more conventional, however mixed, military gear.

    The enemy is believed to be concentrated towards the Northern Entrance of the valley and the Western Passage towards the border. Being a simple supply route, it is believed there will be very little contact with the enemy during this phase of the operation.

    Exact enemy disposition and strength unknown. Small trails of what could possibly be farmers or Taliban fighters have been spotted in and around the mountains. Teams from [REDACTED] had cleared most AA threats and other enemy infrastructure to the South of the mountain range in a previous mission.


    Callsign Mule 1 thru 4 are available for both transport and CAS duties. The FAC that is attached to Crusader Team will take control of air assets on CAS duty. Pilots on Transport and Logistics Duties are expected to keep in contact with 2nd Platoon ready for logistical tasking.

    Crusader Team is already embedded within the mountain range at OP Camelot. They will be providing early reconnaissance and landing guidance for the CH-47s.


    Land at LZ Merlin

    Secure the two farm compounds at LZ Merlin and begin ferrying supplies to the area to begin FOB Construction

    If adverse weather or other unforseen conditions inhibit the landing at LZ Merlin, utilise LZ Excalibur

    LZ Excalibur is to be used for evacuation in the event of a retreat from the AO

    Overall objective is to prepare positions to block any Taliban movements in and out of the Valley towards the rest of the Theatre of Operation

    Send a patrol team to Abi Valley to destroy any enemy supply stops/dumps that may be used by foreign fighters entering through the border

    Exfil the valley if losses are too high

    Destroy any enemy mortars and other equipment found in the AO

    ROE: Do not engage non-combatants. Confirm targets are armed or have potential to cause harm (binoculars, radios etc).



    Utilising the Northern Valley approach from Mafaraz, enter the valley using the available CH47 Chinooks

    2Plt. B-Coy will land at LZ Merlin where Crusader Team has been observing a clear area for a potential FOB

    The Platoon will secure the two farm compounds at LZ Merlin and prepare to construct an FOB

    A squad will be tasked with patrolling Abi Valley to the West to destroy any enemy supply dumps used by foreign fighters crossing the border through the valley

    The Platoon are expected to utilise Crusader Team's commanding view of the valley to aid in spotting enemy targets of opportunity for both the infantry and the Air Assets


    Crusader Team will have additional equipment available at OP Camelot

    This includes an alternate weapon for the Marksman, a laser designator for the FAC and an additional long range radio to coordinate communications with 2nd Plt. on a different radio set to that used by the FAC.

    Mines and spray paint are available to aid in creating a secure secondary OP (OP Camelot is not recommended to be your final OP location during this operation - it is located for safety rather than a commanding view)

    Body bags are available for casualty extraction and reinforcement (1 rejip per player - no rejips for Crusader Team).

    Admin and Logistics

    1x Platoon Command Team
    1x SF + FAC Team
    3x Airborne Squads
    4x Pilots

    Resupply is available within the supply crates at the airfield. Medical Crates can be paradropped using a scroll option in the CH47s.

    Additional CH-47s are available at the airstrip as well as a FARP (south end of runway) to rearm and refuel the aircraft.

    1x A10 Bomber Configuration (4x GBU12)
    GSuit and Helmet in a crate by aircraft.

    Callsign Mule 1 thru 4 - Pilot Callsigns.

    Arid Mountain Range and Valleys. Lightly forested with thick lower brush and dry riverbeds.

    LR1 – Fq50: Company Net
    LR2 – Fq51: Air Net
    SW1 – Fq311: Alpha
    SW2 – Fq312: Bravo
    SW3 – Fq313: Charlie
    SW4 – Fq314: Crusader SF
    SW5 – Fq315: Air Crew SW

    Mission Map Sheet:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	iM5dKdO.jpg Views:	1 Size:	653.1 KB ID:	5477

    Mission Overview:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	hNMUEDZ.jpg Views:	1 Size:	515.1 KB ID:	5478

    Operation Anaconda:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	iSOl3zI.jpg Views:	1 Size:	461.1 KB ID:	5479
    12-01-19 07:15 PM
    12-01-19 09:15 PM
    First rule of a gun fight - bring guns;
    Second rule of a gun fight - bring friends with guns.

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    Editted post.


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      Goal for this mission if I fly... try to get shot down less than 4 times


      • SHIFTY
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        they were majestic though

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      Since we didn't get to do the base building bit very much last time, and people didn't know you could double stack the sandbags; here's a quick run down on how to use them:

      Place sandbags in inventory
      Self ACE Interact>Equipment>Place Sandbag
      Release (Left Click) sandbag
      ACE Interact with placed sandbag
      Now you can use the scroll wheel to adjust height.
      This lets you make partial height walls so that you can fix your weapon on it


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        a l m o s t H E A V E N


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          Is there going to be a spreadsheet for roles like in the past or is this going to be a first come first served deal? I've been out for a while so I'm a little out of date.
          When all you have is an rpg everything looks like a target.


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            Negative ghostrider, we dumped that ages ago because it didn't give everyone a fair chance at roles.