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CO-40 Operation Rainfall

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  • CO-40 Operation Rainfall

    Mission by: Slato

    PLEASE NOTE: This mission will be a little different in that it starts 30 minutes earlier. Players who wish to be part of the SASR element will need to be rallied at 7:45PM for an 8:00PM kick off. It's important to note that you will likely not get to shoot anything until the rest of the platoon has joined and you have found the camp.

    All other players show up at the regular 8:15 Rally for an 8:30 kickoff. You can be in-game but, and its a shame I need to say this, you do not have licence to fuck around. Sit and wait till 8:30 when PlatCo kicks things off.

    If we have more than 6 people turn up for the 8PM kick off, we will conduct a draw for slots.

    Questions? Post below.

    08-12-18 07:15 PM
    08-12-18 09:15 PM
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