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CO-40 SOG-gy Waters [Skilletkids Vietnam Series - Episode 1]

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  • CO-40 SOG-gy Waters [Skilletkids Vietnam Series - Episode 1]

    Mission by : SkilletKid

    Modset: Standard

    Map: PKL

    Click image for larger version

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    As US Forces make a concerted push deep into NVA and VietCong territory; the CIA's network of informants has been feeding constant information on enemy movements. After weeks of steady reports on enemy movement and disposition, our local informants went radio silent after requesting an extraction from their safe house within VC territory.

    Using the past few weeks' intelligence reports; MACV-SOG are sending in 3rd Platoon to take out enemy encampments, collect further intel and extract our Agency assets that went radio silent.

    Stealth is required to ensure the enemy does not react in great force.


    The NVA and VC forces utilise Eastern Bloc equipment and weapons along with captured early era US weapons. Informants have reported at least 2 AA guns entered the area within the past few days.

    The enemy are known to use traps and minefields even in areas they have seemingly abandoned. Be cautious whilst clearing suspected enemy hideouts.

    Expecting a skeleton force remains patrolling in the AO however reserves will not be far inland.


    Callsign Snoopy 1 through 3 are to provide transportation to 3rd Platoon to the designated DZs before embarking on their own patrol route. Should they complete this tasking early, they will provide mortar and HMG support when called for.

    Two agency assets; callsigns Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange are at a safe house awaiting extract.

    101st Abne are stationed at OP Pyle and the adjacent airfield. They will not be taking part in operations.


    Land separate teams at:
    DZ Lucky Strike
    DZ Marlboro

    PBRs are to conduct a riverrine patrol to LOA Woodstock and turn back to hold PZ Rothmanns.

    Clear out the encampment and destroy the NVA Radio Relay at Objective Corona.

    Find and extract Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange from the safe house at Objective Schlitz Malt Liquor.

    Search and clear the town of Phoumi moattonle for evidence of NVA or VC activity.

    Find and destroy the AA gun at Objective Heineken.

    Find and destroy a second AA gun - location unknown.

    Destroy any additional NVA/VC weaponry and supplies.

    Exfil from PZ Rothmanns to OP Pyle once all objectives are complete.

    PBRs can deploy mortars once their riverrine patrol is complete either at PZ Rothmanns or OP Pyle to support 3rd Platoon.



    3rd Platoon will land teams at both DZ Lucky Strike and DZ Marlboro (team assignment to which DZ is PltCo's decision).

    Teams will make their way through to their separate objectives alone - should a team complete their particular mission earlier than others they can move to assist.

    PBRs are not to cross LOA Woodstock due to heavy enemy presence and lack of turning room available for the boats.

    Admin and Logistics

    1x Command Team
    4x UDT-SEAL Squads
    3x Snoopy PBR Crews

    Resupply is available within the PBRs and extra explosives are available at the staging point.

    Emergency assault boats are available at OP Pyle for use of downed PBR crews to continue a transport role at the end of the mission.

    River wetlands and dense jungle surrounding lightly built up rural settlements.

    LR1 – Fq50: Company Net
    LR2 – Fq51: Navy Net
    SW1 – Fq311: Platoon Net (Note: Only squad leaders have access to SW Radios)

    All other communications as per TFD Regular Radio Procedure.

    Mission Map Sheets as follows:
    Click image for larger version

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