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  • CO-40 Eye of the Storm

    Mission by : xUrBAn

    Modset: Standard

    Map: Sahrani

    United Sarahani, an ex soviet state has been under major economic strain for the past 15 years after the dismantling of the USSR. The country has slowly been building its economy and is on the verge of becoming self sustaining within the European Union. A major milestone in the country’s future is about to take place with the Government getting ready to vote. Should Sahrani join the free Market and allow its currency and economy to trade openly on the global economy.

    In the past 6 Months, United Sarahani has become an official ally of Nato and the United States and has an ever strengthening economy. However, there are those within the country that openly protest against the country's direction and feel that this alliance is a betrayal to the Motherland Russia. The Government has requested that US and Nato forces be stationed on Sarahani to assist in keeping the peace. Small conflicts have been breaking out between the Sarahani Liberation Army and US forces across the north and stability in the region is taking a strain.

    July 26th 2006 - Intel has come forth that the Sarahani Liberation Army is planning a major offensive against the government as a last ditch effort to seize control and perform a Military Coup.

    July 27th 2006 - The US Second Airborne Platoon have been tasked with the defense of 3 key structures in the town of Bagango - Government House, Governor's Residence and Channel 12 Broadcast station. HQ has designated a priority listing for the 3 structures with Government House being Mission Critical and Governor’s Residence and Channel 12 Broadcast station as secondary elements and not mission critical but high importance.


    Other than US Second Airborne Platoon and air assets. No other friendly forces are operating in the area.


    The enemy force is expected to be company in strength with Armed UAZ’s and Ural’s for ground movement.

    The enemy is wearing dark green and brown camo uniforms with dark green or silver helmets. Carrying AK’s, PKM’s and RPG’s. No AA is expected.

    July 27th 2006 - 03:45 Hours Local
    The US Second Airborne Platoon is to launch from US Air Force Base October
    Ground forces will be inserted via Helicopter into the town of Bagango and establish perimeters around the 3 defence points. Priority on Government House.
    Air assets will provide reconnaissance and fire support for the ground forces. No AA threats are expected, however enemy do posses large caliber LMG’s and HMG’s that could damage or destroy air assets.
    No intel has been provided as to how long the enemy assault is expected to last. If the enemies abandon the assault, HQ has ordered to hold ground and do not follow retreating enemies.

    Company Commander's intent:
    • The Platoon is to insert into the town of Bagango via Heli.
    • Setup perimeters around Government House and hold the area against attacking forces.
    • Eagles and Hawks are to provide air cover and reconnaissance.
    • Hold the main objective until enemy assault retreats. Do not follow fleeing forces.
    • Secondary - Setup perimeters around Governor’s Residence and Channel 12 Broadcast Station and hold off attacking enemies. These area’s are not mission critical and can be abandoned if friendly forces are being overwhelmed.


    Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta - Team Leader,
    Light AT,
    Assistant LMG,
    Field Medic (Medical settings in this mission prevent Field Medics from using Epinephrine, only Echo Corpsman can revive downed soldiers)

    Echo - Team Leader,
    2x Rifleman,
    4x Field Corpsman,

    4x M10252A2 (M2 Humvees) - (Medical settings in this mission allow only Echo Corpsman to use Epinephrine within the immediate area of their vehicles)

    Eagle 1 and 2 - AH-6M-L Littlebird
    Hawk 1 and 2 - CH-47 Huey Transport


    AH-6M Transport Little Birds are available at base for Troop transport if needed

    Limited re-supplies are available from M2 Humvees from Echo Squad or Huey Transports

    Supply crates are available for sling loading at base
    Spare CH-47’s and AH-6M-L’s are available on the eastern end of US Air Force Base October

    Standard Task Force Dingo Signals apply.

    Long Range Radio Setup:
    Infantry: CH1 FQ50
    Air: CH2 FQ52

    Short Range Radio Setup:
    Alpha - CH1 FQ311
    Bravo - CH2 FQ312
    Charlie- CH3 FQ313
    Delta - CH4 FQ314
    Echo - CH5 FQ315
    Foxtrot - CH6 FQ316
    Eagle 1 - CH7 FQ317
    Eagle 2 - CH7 FQ317
    Sparrow - CH7 FQ317
    Hawk - CH7 FQ317
    Command - CH8 FQ318

    Mission by Mortified (Updated by xUrBAn)
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    03-11-18 08:15 PM
    03-11-18 09:15 PM
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