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CO-42 Operation Thunderstorm

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  • CO-42 Operation Thunderstorm

    Mission by: Spudge

    Modset: UNSUNG Modset

    Map: PKL


    Our platoon has arrived at FOB Poncho to clear Hill 101 for future operations in Cambodia. Its been assessed that there is an active VC camp situated on the hill. Our mission is to take the hill, remove any Viet Cong and wait for further orders.


    Take control of Hill 101 in Cambodia. We are here to stem the flow of Viet Cong/NVA reinforcements hurting our boys in south Vietnam.

    • There are known AA batteries in the field. Artillery can be used to disable them (artillery objectives in the mission tasks). Assume there are some unknown AA sites.
    • Viet Cong are known for traps, be cautious.
    • Viet Cong do blend in with the local population. Check your targets.

    • Platco to determine which teams will lead the assault on Hill 101.
    • Artillery support is on hand, but also have their own objectives to complete. Artillery ammo is limited.
    • UH-C/M21 and UH-13B is available for CAS, transportation and supply - try to preserve these assets.
    • CAS could also be used to scout artillery targets.
    Troops are needed on the front lines and are not to be used to take out artillery targets.

    Reinforcements (respawns) are allowed providing the body is bagged and returned to FOB Poncho. There are extra body bags at the Helipads at FOB Poncho.

    • Command & JTAC
    6 man squads:
    • Alpha
    • Bravo
    • Charlie
    • Recon
    • ANZAC
    • Wombat (ANZAC HMG support)
    Artillery support:
    • Thunder 2x 155mm Howitzer
    CAS, supply and transport:
    • Old Harry UH-13B (bell)
    • Light Show UH-C/M21 (Heavy Hog)


    Standard TFD Signals.

    Platco and Team leaders have LR (FQ.50)
    Old Harry, Thunder and Light Show have LR only (FQ.50)

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    21-03-18 07:30 PM
    21-03-18 08:30 PM
    Task Force Dingo Dedi
    First rule of a gun fight - bring guns;
    Second rule of a gun fight - bring friends with guns.

  • #2
    What Howitzers are they Spudge


    • Spudge
      Spudge commented
      Editing a comment
      Changed to Vanilla D30s due to the Unsung ones killing its occupants randomly.

    • walshy
      walshy commented
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      the RHS d30s have 10 rounds each, so if they no resupply you have very little fire support.

    • Spudge
      Spudge commented
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      Ive added plenty of rounds to the artillery walshy

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    Looks like a fun mission its a shame it was used as bait for an MTC. Hopefully it gets scheduled back in quickly because it looks the goods


    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY commented
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      it will dont worry

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    is it possible to have a late join for this mission? cos unfortunately ive got stuff on that finished about a half hour into the mission


    • SHIFTY
      SHIFTY commented
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      Should be, just ask an admin to tp you

  • #5
    Ora209 it should be fine, just get one of the Helo's to drop you back with other respawns - they will be flying to and from the MASH as people get bagged and tagged.