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    Alright so for my Halloween mission three of the big scripts I was gonna use for it A: don't play nice with each other and B: don't work properly on dedicated servers so I'm going to have to redo like 80% of it, officially putting it onto the back burner till I can be bothered going thru and fixing it all. Hopefully it will be done in time for this years Halloween lol.

    Modset: Standard
    Map: Takistan Mountains


    TLDR: Supply Convoy during Soviet-Afghan War, dropping off supplies and picking up wounded at various outposts and checkpoints.

    Respawn info at the bottom.


    While Soviet and Government forces maintain strong control over Afghanistan's urban areas, their only footholds in the largely mujaheddin controlled rural areas are small outposts and bases. Ground based Convoys and supply Caravans are the lifeblood for these outposts as the new threat presented by american made ‘Stinger’ Missiles has made airborne reinforcement and resupply incredibly dangerous. Convoys are continually run through the dangerous mountain passes, resupplying and refueling remote outposts as well as bringing wounded to larger FOBs for treatment.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Map.png Views:	1 Size:	1,001.4 KB ID:	6480

    In this mission a player controlled supply caravan must resupply and pick up wounded from two outposts as well as a checkpoint and bring all wounded back to a FOB in the North West. The Structure of the convoy itself, the vehicles taken and the route taken is entirely up to the mission commander. However some specific vehicles are required to complete all objectives


    As said previously the mission commander can choose which vehicles to take on the convoy, however the two medical transports, the two ammo trucks and the two fuel trucks are mandatory to complete the mission objectives. It is highly recommended to take as many extra vehicles as possible in case some are lost en-route.

    During this operation we will be supported by Afghan government forces, they wear olive uniforms and use older AKS’s. Make sure to check your targets to avoid friendly fire with afghan forces and civilians. While the mujaheddin may hide amongst the civilian population, there may be consequences if any civilians are harmed.

    To resupply the bases with ammo and fuel simply leave the trucks within them.

    Bringing all of the wounded collected along the convoy route to the FOB should be completed Last

    (To put wounded soldiers into the medical transports using ACE interact. They’are set up to be ‘handcuffed’ but if you release them they shouldn't move as their AI is disabled, you’ll just have to put new zip ties on em)

    Friendly Forces
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_1308.jpg Views:	1 Size:	566.9 KB ID:	6478

    PlatCo - Plat Co Fireteam
    Anna - Infantry Squad
    Boris- Infantry Squad
    Vasily- Infantry Squad
    Gregory- Infantry Squad
    Dmitri- Infantry Squad
    Zver (Beast) - BMP2D Crew
    Shakal (Jackal) - BTR-60PB Crew
    Voin (Warrior) - BRDM Crew


    There will be no resupply or support this mission besides friendly forces garrisoning outposts and checkpoints, however you are running a supply convoy full of ammunition and medical supplies so i'm sure you can figure something out.

    Extra Notes:

    Remember to check your targets, harming a civilian or afghan govt soldier may have unintended consequences.

    If you respawn (see more info below) you are supposed to be 'handcuffed' and will require a friendly player to 'rescue' you. If you respawn and are able to walk and move around, try to stay still as to not accidentally activate mission triggers out of order.

    Commander Notes:

    Remember, your mission is to deliver supplies and pick up wounded soldiers, not to pacify all of Rural Afghanistan. Much of the countryside as well as many of the towns and villages remain firmly under the control of the Mujahid, so expect ambushes. Plan out alternate routes and plans for being ambushed.

    Ideally all supplies should be attempted to be delivered, however if you lose men underway or are undermanned in the first place the two medical trucks containing wounded soldiers are the highest priority as the wounded in the outposts and bases will not survive without medical care.

    If the medical trucks are lost wounded from the bases can be recovered with the other vehicles, although this should be avoided as some may not survive without proper medical care.

    Some of the bases and checkpoints may have spare vehicles that can be requisitioned for the convoy. requisitioning civilian vehicles is strictly forbidden due to the threat of IEDs and other traps.

    Try to take as many vehicles as possible besides the mission critical ones as some or most vehicles may be lost underway.

    Afghan Civilian
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Local.jpg Views:	1 Size:	432.5 KB ID:	6373

    Mujaheddin Fighter
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Insurgent.jpg Views:	1 Size:	451.7 KB ID:	6477

    Afghan Government Soldier (FRIENDLY)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Afghan.jpg Views:	1 Size:	607.0 KB ID:	6479


    If you die you can respawn whenever you want, no messing around with body bags, however when you respawn you will take the place of a wounded soldier at one of the outposts and checkpoints along the convoy route. You will be handcuffed until friendly forces pick you up from wherever your waiting.

    Once you’ve been ‘recovered’ by friendly forces you can go straight back to shooting dudes, however you will have to scrounge up weapons and equipment.

    Make sure that you respawn as a wounded soldier at one of the places the convoy hasn't been yet. For example if they have already resupplied the outpost at Sar-e-sang you will want to respawn at either the Jilavur base or the Khushab Checkpoint.

    Remember the FOB is the last location visited by friendly forces so don’t respawn there until all other locations have been visited.


    At the end there's a ~30 minute long defense of the FOB using Jebus. However if Jebus is broken by ARMA update or general ARMA fucky-ness this bit can be skipped or units can be ZEUS'd in. The mission ends when friendly helicopters arrive and the town surrounding the FOB is hit with artillery.

    The mission should automatically end once the defense of the FOB is complete.
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    Max, not sure if others have the same issue but I can't see any of your embedded images.


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      Originally posted by Imperator View Post
      Max, not sure if others have the same issue but I can't see any of your embedded images.
      Thanks, Fixed.