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CO-33 Operation Barricade AAR

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  • CO-33 Operation Barricade AAR

    Please write up the issues and positive parts of the mission!

    I was asked recently if I ever saw any discrimination in the Army. I replied that the Australian Army could never be accused of discrimination. They treat everyone like shit.

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    The grenadiers spawned with no 40mms
    add extra AI
    Remove M117 and Delta Truck - Check mission SQM for removal also to remove the possible crash errors.
    Add more armoured contacts or remove a Heli, two littlebirds with hellfires is more then needed.
    Add Ammo for Grenadier's in M113.
    Add more people to squads maybe just an extra rifleman in each.
    Ai health seemed really whack, 15+ shots to kill a man.
    Another little thing for weapons in each squad:
    - Change M4s to M16A4s
    - Remove everyone getting an ACOG

    ANA majoritly use the M16A4 (America gave them a surplus when switching to M4 and only Commando/SF use the M4) the SPAR could be swapped for SVDs.
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      Time setting of the mission was good. Might be more atmospheric if we had no NVGs for the ground pounders (or limit it to certain personnel). Scatter a few flashlights in and rely mostly on flares from Grenadiers and TLs.


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        As a marksman I spawned with no vest, backpack or ammunition.
        I'll mirror what Walshy said, the AI were taking a LOT of shots to die and I was running 7.62. I'm talking multiple head shots before targets were dead. Did you change any settings in that regard?