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CO-41 Eagle Flights AAR 25.05.2019

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  • CO-41 Eagle Flights AAR 25.05.2019

    Post your thoughts, suggestions and media here.
    TFD Wrenchy

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      The runway for the jet needs to be kept clear if you can. For a jet like the one used the runway is already very short, however the tents/sandbags etc at the end would have probably made it very hard to land. Apart from that, the obvious lack of zeus/contact, well done to get it turned out so quickly. Good Job


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        For some reason there was an explosion effect every time a flare was fired. Not sure if via asset, script, etc.
        I used to have fun playing video games. Now I have to play video games to have fun.


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          Issue with Unsung and its 155 arty

        • SkilletKid
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          Worth considering switching to the RHS Selfpropelled 155mm howitzer? Though their illum rounds aren't as good as Unsung.

          Maybe use it (RHS 155) purely for the HE calls?

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        Require Unsung M16 20rnd mags in crates

        MG slots had the NIArms M60E4 - switch to the NIArms M60 (The E4 was the newer variant post Vietnam)

        Dedicated boxes for sandbag walls and possibly other ACE Placeables equipment for base building - especially for the command area of the LZ
        Pick period and location appropriate ones - road cones and traffic barriers probably not needed

        DAC AI? Happy to help with this.