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CO-42 TyreWall 3/10/2018

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  • CO-42 TyreWall 3/10/2018

    Leave experiences and suggestions here

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    Radios kind of ruined this for me. Delta AR didn't have a short range. My Fire team lead didn't have a LR - so for the first 20 minutes I was not able to contact my squad and sat in a vehicle. Coms also caused me to drive around in circles for a long time - so in this instance, personally it was a frustrating mission and not enjoyable this time.

    Mission wise, technically besides the radios, I think its well done - just would be more fluent with better coms. Perhaps add some notes in the briefing that you want particular assets to stick together or perform particular duties so Platco doesnt split things up that arent supposed to be.


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      Comms was extremely frustrating as a SL this mission.
      I missed a lot of calls and feel like my messages were missed also.
      As I said in debrief, unless this is a IFA mission I think All SLs get SR/LR radios and infantry get SR radios. Don't fuck with the formula.
      Also, don't change up unit names. We're Delta, and stay Delta, otherwise the confusion at the start of this mission will reoccur.

      We need to work out if TFAR Beta is the cause of the radio issues, and if so fuck it off until it's more stable.
      If I'm your PlatCo, I wish you all luck. You're going to need it!
      If I'm your Squad Lead, thank you for being my meat shield!
      If I'm your Rifleman, my turn to be the meat shield!
      If I'm your Pilot, we're not crashing we're 'Aggressively Landing'...
      If I'm your Medic, touching your butt is just part of the service...
      If I'm your Autorifleman, Spray'n'Pray is a legitimate tactic!
      If I'm your EOD and you see me running keep up!
      Killing time like:


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        For the organisation issue, I'll give all squads LRs as it is what we are used too.
        I do like the idea of a standard for radio layout but my opinion may not be the same as others opinions as I prefer realism hence the vehicle LRs.

        Some issues were TFR Beta based, particularly short and alt squelching the receiver when receiving both.

        I would like to run some motorised/mechanised training to encourage running a vehicle with its own fire team under its command which I have available (7-11 players, 20-40min).

        Also sorry walshy about golf not having the proper logistic settings, Arma has been a real pain when I test the ace settings on my own dedi to make sure that shit works.
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          Multitude of issues.

          -The Vic that Golf has cannot re-arm
          - Golf has zero logi capabilities
          - Either give Golf an Arty piece or not, the gun didnt work had 4 rounds H.E and thats it.

          - We need to do Radio Training, I understand that shit was fucked up this mission but the amount of bullshit over the command net was insufferable.


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            Radios: soldier personal radios should go to all soldiers, or none. AN/PRC 152s make sense to distribute and LR even moreso.
            MRAPs; not Humvees


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              felt like the tank was a bit overkill for this mission


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                My twitch days are over - Thanks Atreus

                Mission wise, didn't find myself enjoying this at all. Everything has already been mentioned so won't go about doing it again. But a lot to be learnt from this experience.
                Your getting banned then - Clipped by Mortified666


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                  actually on second thoughts mort can you not post or publish that clip ahahaha cause you know...other communities.

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                  Atreus at it again... i give up

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                  Can't remove the Hyperlink. Clip is deleted and yes it was a joke Atreus