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“Task Force Dingo is a diverse group of people who come collectively to play Arma. Like many other communities we are like-minded players who wish to experience a certain type of game-play above what is normally seen in most games. We strive to play in a serious and tactical manner whilst still retaining that sense of fun within the game.”

About Us

“We hope you’ve had a chance to look into our community and that TFD has shown enough potential that you wish to participate in one of our Arma mission night events. Please click below for a guide on how to participate with TFD.”

How to Participate

“At Task Force Dingo we aim to provide a welcoming, fun and enjoyable tactical Arma experience and community. In order to do so we have established a set of rules and etiquette that we expect all TFD members to abide by and follow.”

Rules and Behaviours