Task Force Dingo And Insurgency Sandstorm

Steps for Joining our Insurgency Nights

  • Jump in discord or Teampspeak 3!
  • Located and Join our server up 24/7 and Join our squad in game.
  • It's that easy no lengthy joining process, training or ranks!

Task Force Dingo has ventured into Insurgency Sandstorm! We are now holding regular event nights every third wednesday evening, as well as running a public server for all members and the public to join and play. If you feel this is something that would interest you please join the discord or teampseak and chat to a TFD member.

If you feel that Task Force Dingo could be the place for you join us! We don't have any ranks or mandatory training. And joining is easy! Please read the above list for the steps and ask any member of the community on the forums, Teamspeak or discord if you require assistance.

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