The Task Force Dingo community run a Caucasus Pendulum server created by leonardo_c. Caucasus Pendulum is an endless PvP/PvE sector control mission, where players compete over Gudauta, Sukhumi and Gali. Players work alongside the AI to capture all the zones, players have the ability to call in for AI CAP and CAS support as well as perform these roles themselves.

  • Players from both coalitions can request CAP/Air Cover. They can be requested through the F10 Radio Menu and have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
  • Air Strikes can also be requested. For RED side a Su-34 will be vectored to a strategic target and for BLUE there will be a F-15E vectored to the strategic target.
  • The above-mentioned strategic targets are a Barracks compound for RED and a Command Outpost for BLUE. Destroying these targets have an effect as there will be no ground units spawning for 30 minutes. Use your strike planes wisely.
  • Our Public server runs DCS Simple Radio Standalone for voice comms, download via the link provided and connect using this IP: srs.taskforcedingo.com

In addition to our TTI server, we run in house missions created by a number of our members. Our mission night's run every third Wednesday at 8:30PM GMT +10, join the Discord or check the forums for more information.

Supported Modules

  • FC3 aircraft (A-10A, F-15C, J-11A, MiG-29A, Mig-29G (for BLUE coalition), MiG-29S, Su-25/Su-25T (both coalitions), Su-27)
  • A-10C
  • AJS 37 (both coalitions, I had to supply that there's no RED coalition strike aircraft module, see the nice soviet skins for the Viggen below)
  • AV-8B N/A
  • F-5E-3
  • F-14B
  • F/A-18C Lot 20
  • Ka-50 Black Shark (both coalitions)
  • L-39ZA (both coalitions)
  • M-2000C
  • Mi-8 (both coalitions)
  • MiG-19P
  • MiG-21bis
  • UH-1H (blue coalition)

Server Rules
> No Team killing
> Be Respectful
> No cheating, glitching, abusing game mechanics

Our server runs an automated admin tool. For offenses such as team killing, penalty points will be awarded to the offender. Once an offender reaches preset penalty thresholds, they will be kicked back to spectator, kicked from the server or soft banned. Additionally if one of our staff finds you in breach of server rules, you can be kicked or banned.

Join the conversation
To stay up to date on news and events information, visit our Discord In keeping with Task Force Dingo’s chill sim motto, we do not have any mandatory training or ranks. If you do want to learn more about modules, tactics, formations, many of our members have knowledge on these topics and are always happy to share.

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