Task Force Dingo And Arma 3

Steps for Joining our Arma 3 Mission Nights

  • Locate and download our Modset with the link provided above.
  • Locate and download the Mod Presets located in teamspeak and links on forum.
  • Locate and install TFAR Plugin into Teamspeak 3. (If you require assistance ask)
  • Join Teamspeak and get to know the community!
  • It's that easy no lengthy joining process, training or ranks!

Founded officially in June 2014, Task Force Dingo is a small but diverse group of people who come collectively to play Arma. Like many other communities we are like-minded players who wish to experience a certain type of game-play above what is normally seen in most games. We strive to play in a serious and tactical manner whilst still retaining that sense of fun within the game.

While many of us enjoy simply playing the game and going along for the ride within the mission. Some of us enjoy other challenges such as leading a team through an intense firefight, designing a small scale mission or creating a campaign for the community. Many of us have been playing Arma since Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and wish to continue to experience challenges and fun of the series and that is our aim here at Task Force Dingo, to create not only a group of players who enjoy Arma for what it is but also to create a community that is passionate about the game.

If you feel that Task Force Dingo could be the place for you join us! We don't have any ranks or mandatory training. And joining is easy! Please read the above list for the steps and ask any member of the community on the forums, Teamspeak or discord if you require assistance.

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