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Task Force Dingo

Founded in June 2014, Task Force Dingo is diverse group of people who come collectively to play Simulator games. Like other communities we are like-minded players who wish to experience a certain type of game-play above what is normally seen in most games. We strive to play in a serious manner whilst still retaining that sense of fun within the sim.

While many of us enjoy simply playing simulator games, some of us enjoy other challenges such as: Leading a team through a fire-fight on the ground, Flying in formation taking down migs, cutting laps around a track and winning the race or designing a small scale mission. Many of us have been playing simulator games since Operation Flashpoint, Microsoft Flight Sim, Pole Position and Freelancer and wish to continue to experience the challenges and fun of these games. That is our aim here at Task Force Dingo; to create not only a group of players who enjoy Simulators for what they are but also to create a community that is passionate about the genre. We are all gamers at heart and love to enjoy other games and genres. We play for the love of gaming and sharing a common experience.

Almost every weekend TFD hosts an event for one of our games. The events are often challenging but always fun win or lose. Currently we hold our event nights on a Wednesday and Saturday with time frames to suit players from WA to NZ. Each event is unique created by our dedicated community contributors. We strive for adaptive and dynamic events and we have no mandatory nights.
The best way for everyone to participate is to simply jump right in. However we do have a set way we play to that gives us that Casual Tactical style or as we put it 'Chill Sim' style. As a new player you will be invited to participate in events that will expose you to our chill sim style in order for you to learn the way we play.